We sell the latest in milk harvesting equipment from Bou-Matic_Logo.

We have experience installing every type of parlor, from: swing, herringbone, parallel, parabone, rotary, to even small custom “homemade” variations. What ever your need, we can accomodate it.

We Offer The Latest Equipment Available:

• BouMatic’s SmartDairy, Fully Integrated Monitoring System

• Auto ID w/ Single Sort Gates

• Dual Splash Air-Star Vacuum Pumps w/ Variable Speed Drive

• Dari-Kool Glacier Coolers

• Falling Film Chillers & Plate Coolers

• Modular Scroll Refrigeration Systems

• Therma-Stor Heat Recovery Systems

• Parlor & Stanchion Detacher Units

• Advanced Milk Metering

• Custom Crowd Gates

• Clean In Place (CIP) Sanitation Systems

    • Pipeline

    • Washers

    • Cooler

    • Washers

• Commercial Laudry Program

• Water Treatment Systems

• StepMetrix Lameness Detection

• StepGuardian Hoof Baths